Dating a male taurus cincinnati lesbian dating

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When she gets a whiff of your income, she’ll fall into step. You’ll never be as generous as Leo, but you can at least learn to share from the heart.If you’re a Taurus man trying to attract a Leo woman, try to show some boldness in courtship — like don’t take her to the neighborhood bar where you and your homeys hang out. And you might even consider buying a new set of clothes.

The Leo woman will have to learn early on how to “manage him” to get what she wants out of the deal, or it’s going nowhere.

That’s what’s likely to happen when a Taurus man and a Leo woman get together.

There is a more-or-less constant gridlock between these two basically stubborn signs.

(It is actually possible to be bored to death by a Taurus.) Tauruses are attracted on a sensual level, not sexual; whereas Leos are sexual, not sensual. Clue: If he’s not interested in you sensually, don’t even bother because nothing else matters. Like if she reaches over to take something off your plate, LET HER.

How to Attract a Leo Woman as a Taurus Man: This is going to kill you but splash some money around. If you’ve attracted a Leo into your life, it is to make you open up your money-grubbing fists.

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